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Our New Anderson Valley Vineyard

We're proud to introduce our first release from the vineyard of Brad Wiley, one of the pioneering grape growers in Anderson Valley. Located at the "deep end" (an old Boontling term for the chilly, northwestern edge of the Anderson Valley where the grapes, cooled by ocean breezes, mature slowly and ripen late) and only 10 miles from the ocean, temperatures are generally ten degrees cooler at this site than in the vineyards surrounding Boonville and Philo. The soil is composed of soft sandstone based loam, approximately 1.5 - 5 feet deep, with an elevation climbing from 500' to 1400'. Brad began planting vines in 1972, slowly developing twenty acres dedicated to Pinot Noir. Harvested blocks were planted in 1982 and 2002 to Mt. Eden and Pommard clones.

  Salzgeber-Chan Vineyard (Russian River Valley, Sonoma County)
Planted in 1997, this vineyard covers three acres on a north facing hillside in the heart of the Russian River appellation. Soil composition is approximately two feet of top soil with a well fractured base of rock and gravel, giving this site excellent drainage. The clone is Dijon #115, known for its low vigor and berry size.
  Peters Vineyard (Sonoma Coast)
Situated in the beautiful rolling hills of southwest Sebastopol, this 14 acre vineyard lies deep in the Sonoma Coast appellation, an area with frequent fog and maritime breezes. The soil is a well-drained “Goldridge” sandy loam, covering a thick layer of clay. Planted between 1994 and 2000 with four different pinot noir clones; the grapes for our wine are picked from the Pommard and Dijon #777 blocks in roughly equal proportions.
  Greenwood Ridge Vineyard, Anderson Valley
Located southwest of Anderson Valley, at the crest of Mendocino ridge, this vineyard property consists primarily of clay with very little topsoil. Temperatures are noticeably cooler than those of the valley floor and not affected by the heat inversion often found directly above the valley. The clonal blend is approximately equal amounts of Dijon #115 and Roederer #32.
Montgomery Vineyard (Russian River Valley, Sonoma County)
This small, 23 year old vineyard is situated west of Santa Rosa in the Olivet Road area. The region is characterized by poor clay soil and frequent summer fog, resulting in an ideal environment for Pinot Noir grapes. The clone is undocumented, moderately vigorous and produces a medium sized, tightly bunched cluster.
  Lingenfelder Vineyard (Russian River Valley, Sonoma County)
This is a beautiful, gently sloping three acre vineyard located west of the town of Fulton. The soil is shallow, well drained “Huichica” loam typical of this area, with a subsoil of clay mixed with gravel and sand, producing vines of moderate vigor. The vineyard was planted in 1996 and grafted to UCD 13, the Martini clone, one of the clones most often found in the older vineyards of the Russian River Valley. It is meticulously managed to produce intense and well balanced wines of good structure and aging potential.
  Ridley Vineyard, Anderson Valley
Situated on the valley floor one mile northwest from the Boonville Bridge, in the heart of Anderson Valley. The soil is a mixture of loam and river rock with good drainage yet retains enough moisture to minimize the need for summer irrigation. The block we harvest from was planted in 1999 with 100% Dijon #777 on rootstock 3309. The growing season is dry and warm with frequent thick, moist fog most evenings and temperature fluctuations of up to 50 degrees.
  North Coast Cuvee, Russian River Valley and Anderson Valley
When Mother Nature delivered a small harvest from our Montgomery Vineyard, we decided to produce a blend adding two barrels from the Anderson Valley lot with our two barrels of Montgomery. We lost almost 40% of our crop at Montgomery Vineyard due to the frost in late April, 2008.
  Anderson Valley Reserve (formerly Floodgate Vineyard)
Located at the farwestern end ofAndersonValley about 15miles from the Pacific Ocean, this property is situated on a steep southerly slope at an elevation of 750 feet.There is a strongmaritime influence at work here, character ized by frequent summer fog andwind, yet tempertures can reach 100 degrees for brief periods in the afternoon. The soil is fairly poor and the vines are not vigorous, excellent conditions for the production of high quality Pinot Noir.
  Bush Vineyard (Russian River Valley, Sonoma County)
This 2.25 acre vineyard is located on benchland overlooking the Russian River plain, just to the northwest of Santa Rosa, CA. The area is characterized by cooling summer fog which often lingers until late in the morning. The soil is classified as "Huachita loam" which is a well-drained mixture of sand, loam and rock with some organic material present.The vines, 100% Dijon 115 clone, were planted in 1998-99.
  Demuth Vineyard (Anderson Valley, Mendocino County)
These eight acres of Pinot Noir are planted high above Anderson Valley, at an altitude of 1500 feet. As with most ridgetop vineyards, the soil is shallow, the topsoil being not more than one and one-half feet in depth, creating just the right amount of stress for the vines. The clone is 100% Wadenswil. There is less fog here and summer temperatures can be quite warm, although the duration of heat is generally only a few hours.
  Corby Vineyard (Anderson Valley, Mendocino County)
This mature vineyard is located along the Navarro River near Philo in the heart of AndersonValley. There are a variety of slopes and aspects (ie:slope direction) as well as plantings near the river bottom. We purchased fruit from two different clonal blocks, Dijon 777 down near the river and Pommard on the upper section of the vineyard. The soil on the river block is dark loam with many 1”- 3” cobblestones along with some sand; the resulting wine has very pretty red fruit tones and brisk acidity in a lighter weight package. Up away from the river there is more loam and clay with underlying silt and small stones. Here the Pommard clone produces a more muscular, dark wine with a full round character. The two lots compliment each other in our 2007 Corby Vineyard Pinot Noir.

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